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On Saturday, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested a man who had reportedly purchased 750 ecstasy pills online from Germany. He had purchased the pills earlier in July this year. 

The accused, has been identified, as Rahman K. While the NCB released their statement on the matter, they have not released details of his arrest.

Rahman selling MDMA pills

In Bengaluru, a large stock of MDMA or ecstasy pills were recovered from the Foreign Post Office on July 31st. In their statement, the NCB found that Rahman a resident of Bengaluru has been selling drugs to college students and youngsters.

The commerce graduate would source the drugs online in exchange for Bitcoins, PTI reported. The MDMA drug is known commonly to alter mood and perception. 

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As per UNODC World Drug Report 2020, Ecstasy continues to be manufactured primarily in Europe, most notably in Western and Central Europe. Europe accounts for two-thirds of the Ecstasy laboratories dismantled worldwide, the NCB said. 

In their statement, the NCB said, "The total quantity of Ecstasy seized worldwide has doubled over the period 2009-2018. This is also reflected in the rapidly increasing popularity of such synthetic drugs in India." Further investigation into the matter is still on.