Tough time for Kashmir flood victims, still awaiting government compensation and help

Rajouri, Nov 5 (ANI): Victims displaced by the worst floods that hit Kashmir in a century, continue to live in makeshift homes and cry foul as they have not received any compensation for their losses from the government. Hundreds of people were killed and thousands of villages devastated by the worst flooding in decades in the Kashmir valley. Roads in Srinagar, Kashmir's main city were transformed into stagnant canals strewn with wreckage, trash and dead animals. PM Modi announced 5.7 billion rupees in assistance for housing and 1.8 billion rupees to fix six major hospitals in the state that are in poor condition and need immediate central support, according to an earlier government statement. Nov 5, 2014

Left behind: child emigration from Ecuador's small towns

Mass emigration has left very few adults in Ecuadoran towns like Deleg, which has seen an alarming rise in the number of underaged children who embark on the perilous journey to the US in order to be reunited with parents. Duration: 02:12 Nov 5, 2014

Florida's Hispanic voters go to polls, could play decisive role

The Latino vote could help decide Florida's tight gubernatorial race in Tuesday's midterm elections, but with a turnout rate well below the national average activists have had to motivate the Hispanic population to go to the polls. Duration: 00:59 Nov 5, 2014

Spanish chefs battle it up in Tapas competition

Chefs take part in the final phase of the tenth edition of the National Skewers and Tapas competition at the Cupola del Milenio in Valladolid, Spain on November 4, 2014. Duration: 00:40 Nov 5, 2014

Sudan, S.Sudan to resume work on disputed border

The presidents of Sudan and South Sudan agreed Tuesday to resume work to demarcate their contested border, a dispute that boiled over into armed conflict between the countries in 2012. Duration: 00:41 Nov 5, 2014

Kerry: US and China need long-term strategic vision

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday the relationship between the United States and China presented a "profound opportunity" for both powers, warning it needed to be "carefully managed." Duration: 00:49 Nov 5, 2014

AU sets Burkina two-week deadline for return to civilian rule

The African Union council has given the new Burkina Faso regime two weeks to return to civilian rule following the ousting of the president. Opposition leader Zéphirin Diabré said dialogue would be needed to meet the target. Duration: 01:02 Nov 4, 2014