Watch: PoK residents protests against terror camps, say their life is 'living hell' due to them. [Representational Image]Creative Commons

People in regions of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) — like Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Chinari, Mirpur, Gilgit, Diamer and the Neelum Valley — are vociferously protesting against the terror machinery present in the region. They have said their life has been made a "living hell" due to the presence of these terror training camps.

India has for long told both Pakistan and the world that it is being targeted by terrorists who were receiving training in terror camps located within PoK, but to little avail. More recently, the Indian Army carried out a surgical strike along the LoC in some of these regions, destroying seven terror training camps and killing 38 terrorists. 

Now, both the common man and politicians in PoK are saying they are fed up of the terror training camps in the region. They are also seen in a video — released by ANI — as protesting vociferously against terrrorism, which they say has affected them in a lot of adverse ways. According to them their "life has been made a living hell by the terror training camps."

In one instance, people in Kotli in PoK are seen taking out a public rally, in which they are raising slogans such as "Dahshatgardi Band Karo" and "Dahshatgardi Murdabad" — "Stop Terrorism" and "Down With Terrorism." Another man is heard saying over a megaphone that problems — both theirs and even overall — won't be solved until terrorism is uprooted from the region. 

The video shows similar slogans being raised by masses in Neelum Valley in PoK. 

A man from Muzaffarabad is then heard saying terrorists and their camps in the region have been provided ration and missiles — but he does not say who has provided them. At a public meeting in Kotli, one of the speakers is heard saying: "I disapprove of the terror camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba here."

ANI, on its Twitter handle, has quoted a resident of Gilgit as saying: "If the authorities don't end Taliban's terror camps and 'no-go' areas in Diamer, Gilgit, Baseen  and other places, then we'll take action [against them]."

Watch the video here: