bangladesh-follows-balanced-foreign-policy-stable-governance-will-strengthen-it-further-senior-jou Play

Bangladesh follows balanced foreign policy, stable governance will strengthen it further- Senior Jou

New Delhi, April 13 (ANI): Speaking on Bangladesh's foreign policy and the relation it shares with its neighbours, Senior Journalist Gautam Lahiri said that now Bangladesh is trying to engage not only with its neighbours but also with the big powers. He also spoke about Bangladesh's relationship with India. He also talked about Bangladesh's relationship with Pakistan. Lahiri further talked about whether there is any possibility for India, China and Bangladesh to have relationship with each other without being suspicious of the third person. Apr 13, 2014
amarinder-singh-to-move-ec-against-jaitley-for-purchase-of-one-crore-worth-house Play

Amarinder Singh to move EC against Jaitley for purchase of one crore worth house

Amritsar, April 13 (ANI): Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday attacked senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley, over expenditure. Reportedly, Jaitley has purchased a house worth rupees one crore in Amritsar. Slamming Jaitley, Singh said his party would move Election Commission as the independent body allows rupees 75 lakh of expenditure during elections. Apr 13, 2014
words-are-being-put-in-my-mouth-statements-being-misinterpreted-abu-azmi Play

Words are being put in my mouth, statements being misinterpreted: Abu Azmi

Mumbai, April 13 (ANI): Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi on Sunday clarified his statement on rapists and consensual sex, and said that words are being put in his mouth and that his statements are misinterpreted. Azmi said that Islam says that if a married or unmarried girl goes with a man and indulge in sexual activities, she is to be punished. Further, he clarified that rape victim should be given justice and therefore he never said anything as talked about in media. Apr 13, 2014
baru-releasing-his-book-now-shows-ambitiousness-singhvi Play

Baru releasing his book now shows ambitiousness: Singhvi

New Delhi, April 13 (ANI): Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Sunday spoke about the controversial book by PM’s former Media Advisor Sanjaya Baru and said that Baru had written the book many years back but released it now for publicity purposes taking advantage of election season. Singhvi said that the PMO had clarified that the allegations in the book are completely false. He added that Baru wrote the book in frustration after being denied re-employment to his office. Apr 13, 2014
rajnath-singh-urges-people-to-vote-to-form-country-not-just-government Play

Rajnath Singh urges people to vote to form country, not just government

Lucknow, April 13 (ANI): BJP President, Rajnath Singh, on Sunday asked people to vote not only for government formation but also to form the country. Singh reiterated that country wants a change, which only BJP can bring. Slamming Congress party over lack of good governance, Singh added it did not formulate policies that could result in development of the country. Apr 13, 2014
have-worked-immensely-for-muslim-community-ec-under-congress-azam-khan Play

Have worked immensely for Muslim community, EC under Congress: Azam Khan

Rampur, April 13 (ANI): Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan on Sunday justified his statement about Muslims winning the Kargil war saying that expressing love for country is not communalism according to him. Khan highlighted that he had worked immensely for the welfare of Muslim community and to rid them of an ‘ISI agent’ image. Khan further said that he will go to court and that the EC, like CBI is working under the instructions of Congress Party by issuing a complaint against him. Apr 13, 2014