April Fools’ Day: Nissan creates video playing on similar company names

Japanese car maker Nissan decided to have some fun with its brand name on April Fools’ Day, releasing a video in which its name gets mixed up with companies with similar names. In the video a Nissan staff member playing the role of a news anchor with an obviously fake moustache reports on a flying object created by Nissan and noodle maker Nissin that makes an unexpected landing at the headquarters of conglomerate Nissen. Apr 1, 2016

Footage shows confrontation as Turkish journalists asked to leave Erdogan speech

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s staff insisted certain Turkish journalists leave the room before Erdogan’s talk at the Brookings Institution on 31 March, prompting the confrontation seen in the video. Supporters and protesters of the Erdogan regime faced off with members of his security detail outside the venue. Apr 1, 2016