rdx delhi airport
Security has been beefed up at the IGI airport.Twitter/ANI

An unclaimed bag with suspected RDX was found at Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi in the wee hours of Friday, November 1. Police officials seized the bag and restricted the passenger movements for almost a couple of hours. The road in front of Terminal 3 was closed and people were also stopped from leaving the area.

The black-coloured bag, which was detected at around 1 am, was kept under observation at first but now has kept in a cooling pit. The CISF personnel found explosive material in the bag, which was lying in the arrival area of Terminal-3.

rdx bomb delhi airport
rdx bomb delhi airport

Security tightened

Speaking to a news agency, Sanjay Bhatia, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Airport) said, "The bag was removed with the help of CISF and shifted to another place. It has not been opened yet. It seems like there is some electric wire inside it. We have increased the security of the airport premises."

Following the incident, security has been beefed up at the IGI airport. However, whether the explosives recovered is RDX or something else is yet to be verified.

The bag was reportedly checked by an explosive detector and a dog, which gave a positive signal for explosives.

What is RDX?

RDX is an organic compound which is used as an explosive. It is a white solid without smell or taste which was used widely in World War II and remains common in military applications. It is also used in mixtures with other explosives.