Indian schoolboy breaches 1000-run mark in an innings

Indian schoolboy Pranav Dhanawade rewrote cricket record books on 5 January by hammering 1009 not out in an inter-school tournament, to register the highest individual score in an innings in any form of the game. Jan 5, 2016

Peru: At least 8 people injured by bulls during annual festival

At least eight people were injured during an annual running of the bulls event that went awry in Huancavelica in Perus Cusco province on 2 January. Participants and onlookers ran for cover as angry bulls charged at crowds and into the adjacent food stands. Jan 5, 2016

South Korean plane returns to Cebu after flying with open door

A South Korean passenger plane on 3 January took off and flew with its front door not properly sealed, local media said, and was forced to return to Cebu from where the flight had originated. Video filmed inside the aircraft showed a gap between the door and the door frame making a strange noise. Jan 5, 2016