3 Chennai students drown in Pune dam

Though the details of the incident in Pune are still being investigated, police said the body of one victim was recovered, while search continues for the remaining two missing Chennai boys. Apr 26, 2018

Dying 8-year-old girl meets koala, fulfils her lifelong dream

Katie Higginbotham was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma in October 2016 and has been going through numerous chemotherapy and radiation sessions. Doctors said that she has less than a year to live as her cancer is way more aggressive than they originally thought. Apr 26, 2018

Congress spreading lies by hiring foreign agencies: Modi

In an interactive session with BJP candidates, state office bearers and leaders of Karnataka via the Narendra Modi app, the Prime Minister urged them not to fall for the Congress's lie and focus on people-to-people contact till the voting. Apr 26, 2018