Mount Everest

60 women get permit to climb Mt Everest

As many as 59 women received permits last year. Of them, 33 women succeeded in conquering the world's tallest peak. This year 60 women have received the permit with 15 from Nepal followed by the US (nine), India (eight), China (seven) and Britain (four). Apr 28, 2018
Rahul gandhi

Modi, BJP don't stand up to what they speak: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi said unlike Modi, the Karnataka government-led by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has been successful in delivering 95 per cent of the promises made in the previous election manifesto. Siddaramaiah added that Karnataka is the top job creating state in India. Apr 27, 2018
WhatsApp and Facebook messenger icons seen on iPhone

Mating news from China shows where fake news is headed

If you love Modi, you intuitively gravitate to believing everything pro-Modi and anti-Opposition. If you hate Modi, you tend to hit the share button on a fake news headline that passes for a Freudian slip-up. Apr 27, 2018