Tri-color sandwich

Tri-color sandwich Ingredients Bread Fresh grated Coconut - 1 cup A few Mint leaves A few Coriander leaves Green chilli - 1 Red chilli - 4 Tamarind - 1 piece Salt to taste Method: 1. In a blender add Mint leaves, Green chilli, Coriander leaves, Fresh grated Coconut, Tamarind & salt. 2. Add Water gradually while grinding it. Mint chutney is ready. 3. Next, In a blender add Red chilli, Tamarind, Fresh grated Coconut & salt. 4. Add Water gradually while grinding it. Red chilli Coconut chutney is ready. 5. Spread butter in the sandwich to reduce spice if required. 6. Layer three slices of bread. Spread mint chutney in the bottom layer and red chilly coconut chutney in the top layer respectively representing the colors of the national flag. Like us on FACEBOOK - Follow us on TWITTER - Subscribe to YouTube - A Ventuno Production : Aug 12, 2014

Bodyweight Workout - II

using your own bodyweight and performing workouts is a superb way to lose that weight without the use of any external weights. Here's part II of the workout routine. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Aug 12, 2014
Honey Bees

Honey Bee Venom to Fight Cancer

The new technique developed for this purpose used certain proteins and peptides separated from these venoms to target malignant cells. Aug 12, 2014

Petal Decor

Here is a simple decoration technique you can do using just melted chocolate and a leaf. Facebook - Aug 12, 2014

Bodyweight Workout - I

Here is part 1 of the 3 part workout routine you can do at home using nothing but your own body weight. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Aug 12, 2014