Australian Boy Gets the World's First Artificial Pancreas

Xavier Hames, from Perth, developed diabetes when he was just 22 months old and had been on daily insulin injections until Wednesday, when a team of doctors at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) fixed the wearable insulin pump to his body. Jan 23, 2015

Walnuts Boost Memory, Prevent Dementia

In a study reported in Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, eating just 13g walnuts per day helped improve memory, concentration and other important cognitive functions in the participants. Jan 23, 2015
Birthcontrol Pills

Hormonal Contraceptives Can Give You Brain Tumour

Women in the study who used hormonal contraceptives for five years increased their risk of getting glioma, a deadly cancer that starts from the brain tissues called glia, which help support the nerve cells. Jan 23, 2015

Cardio workout from home

You can do Cardio workout from home. 4 types of workout you will see Burpees, Jumping jack, High knees and Jump squats. Jan 21, 2015
'Ghost Particle' Proves Aliens Exist

'Ghost Particle' Proves Aliens Exist

In what has been touted as the latest proof of the existence of alien life, a team of researchers have released a "never-before seen" picture of a spectral-like "ghost particle". Jan 21, 2015