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Decorative chocolate roll

You don't need icing every time you need to make decorations for your desserts. Here is a simple and innovative decoration you can do with just melted chocolate. Facebook - Aug 27, 2014
Ebola, Indian Doctors

Ebola in India? Indian Quarantined on Way Back from Liberia

16 members of a delegation of Afcon employees, comprising of 17 Indians arrived at the national capital from Liberia, on Tuesday, and were acknowledged as "Ebola-free" after they were screened for the symptoms of the virus by the Airport authorities. Aug 27, 2014
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Shoulder, Back and Leg workout

A good workout includes working all parts of your body in a routine. Here is the second part of the body workout which includes a leg workout as well. Facebook - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Aug 26, 2014