Cauliflower is trending amid low-carb eaters, who switched to chopped cauliflower instead of eating rice and potatoes.

After experiencing sales decline of approximately 25 percent or about $477.6 million over the years, vegetable making company Green Giant expects cauliflower rice consumption and sales to rise.

Green Giant aims at initiating the sales of riced-veggies coupled with bits of cauliflower as well as mashed cauliflower around September end. Produce sections of the company has been selling good quality cauliflower crumbles for one year now.

However, competitors like Wegmans and Trader Joe may affect Green Giant's cauliflower rice sales. Another US-based company Kroger started selling "cauliflower pearls," similar to that of Green Giant's "cauliflower crumbles". Kroger planned to sell the mimicked product in all the supermarkets across the country.

Producer Taylor Farms observed a hike of 13 percent in the cauliflower sales in the US last year. People were found using chopped cauliflower in recipes such as pizza crusts and as a substitute for rice and mashed potatoes.

All the firms aim at making maximum profits out of it, the vegetable was tagged as "rising star" by Google due to sudden rise in the consumption of the vegetable, according to a report by

The mounting carb consciousness among people over the years led to a depletion in sales of dry pasta since 2009, according to a London-based research firm Euromonitor. On the other hand, price rise was observed in rice, and cauliflower rice is likely to be in demand in the market.

Substituting vegetables is more than a trend, and a "fundamental shift" is underway in how people look at their plates, Jordan Greenberg, vice president of marketing at Green Giant owner B&G Foods, said. 

"I believe vegetables will move from the side of the plate to the centre," he stated in a report by