protests-intensify-over-bifurcation-of-andhra-pradesh-creation-of-larger-telangana Play

Protests intensify over bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, creation of larger Telangana

Hyderabad, Dec 05 (ANI): Protests intensified on Thursday over bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and creation of a larger Telangana than originally planned. The 'Rayala Telangana' proposal envisages the inclusion of two districts of the under-developed Rayalseema region into the proposed state of Telangana. Irked protesters outside the Osmania University pelted stones at the sentinel. Dec 5, 2013
police-arrest-wanted-maoist-in-odisha Play

Police arrest wanted Maoist in Odisha

Malkangiri, Dec 05 (ANI): Police arrested a wanted rebel allegedly involved in criminal cases in Maoist infested Odisha on Wednesday. The Maoist, identified as Era Padiami alias Mukesh, was arrested during a joint operation launched by the police and paramilitary Border Security Forces (BSF) in Kanaguda forest under Kalimela police station limits. Dec 5, 2013
istanbul-landmark-rekindles-religious-tensions Play

Istanbul landmark rekindles religious tensions

Perched on the tip of Istanbul’s historic peninsula, Hagia Sophia -- with its spectacular dome, elegant curves and towering minarets -- is an iconic sight for millions of tourists visiting the city each year. Duration: 02:36 Dec 5, 2013
ethiopia-spearheads-green-energy-in-sub-saharan-africa Play

Ethiopia spearheads green energy in sub-Saharan Africa

Ethiopia's northern Tigray region is home to sub-Saharan Africa’s largest wind farm, a symbol of the country’s commitment to pioneering green energy projects as it seeks to boost its economy by exporting power to its neighbours. Duration: 02:32 Dec 5, 2013
private-prisons-in-the-worlds-incarceration-capital Play

Private prisons in the world's incarceration capital

The US state of Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the world. To deal with such a high number of prisoners, and to keep costs down, it uses private contractors to detain low-risk inmates and those awaiting sentencing. Duration: 02:22 Dec 5, 2013
spain-barnacle-pickers-risk-lives-to-net-christmas-treat Play

Spain barnacle-pickers risk lives to net Christmas treat

Spanish diners pay handsomely to taste goose barnacles, a prized Christmas delicacy, but it's a life risking task for the fishermen tasked with uncovering these clingy creatures on the slippery rocks of Spain's rough northwest coast. Duration: 02:05 Dec 5, 2013
bikes-big-hit-in-checkpoint-strewn-syria-capital Play

Bikes big hit in checkpoint-strewn Syria capital

Checkpoint-weary locals in the Syrian capital are increasingly swapping their cars for bicycles especially young Damascenes who have turned to bikes en masse to avoid the endless traffic jams. Duration: 02:00 Dec 5, 2013
sc-says-sportsmen-should-head-sports-bodies-kirti-azad-supports Play

SC says sportsmen should head sports bodies, Kirti Azad supports

New Delhi, Dec 05 (ANI): After the Supreme Court on Thursday said only sportsmen, not businessmen should head sports bodies, BJP leader and former cricketer Kirti Azad supported the same and said that these politicians behave like snakes in sports bodies. He said that they take all advantages of the position sitting back at of sports. The apex court's observations were made during the hearing of two warring home and are not sensitive towards the spirit factions of hockey associations - Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India. Dec 5, 2013
at-least-20-dead-in-raid-on-yemen-defence-complex Play

At least 20 dead in raid on Yemen defence complex

A suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden car into the Yemeni defence ministry Thursday, opening the way for gunmen who stormed the complex, leaving at least 20 people dead, security officials said. Duration: 00:41 Dec 5, 2013
omar-abdullah-lashes-out-at-narendra-modi-part-1 Play

Omar Abdullah lashes out at Narendra Modi - Part - 1

Srinagar, Dec 05 (ANI): Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said lashed out at Narendra Modi and said that it is surprising that people who have no idea about the state is talking about the same. He said that Modi who said that Shias are not treated well enough in the state have no clue even about the month when the community celebrates and when they mourn. Further, he said that these people in high positions are different at the time when they have power than they are bereft of the same. Abdullah also said that he has always fought against AFSPA and will continue his fight even if he is not in power. Dec 5, 2013