In shocking statements, North Korea has branded South's President Park Geun-hye as Prostitute, and US President Barack Obama, a 'Pimp'.
In a shocking statement, North Korea has branded South President Park Geun-hye a 'prostitute' and US President Barack Obama her 'pimp'.Reuters

If you think you already know the heights to which North Korea could possibly go in its bellicose rhetoric towards its southern enemy and the US, you are wrong. Wait for the latest one.

Angered by the result of a probe that ruled Pyongyang sent small surveillance drones, or unmanned aircraft, to spy on key South Korea installations in March, North Korea on Monday assumed its notorious best, by hitting back at the US and the South, in a belligerent tone.

A spokesman for the North's military attacked the United States for what it referred as a blindly backed confrontational conspiracy devised by the president of South Korea Park Geun-hye, whom he called a "political prostitute", Reuters notes.

"If Washington pays heed only to what its stooges trumpet, it is bound to be accused of being a senile grandfather trying to stop a child from crying," North's propaganda publication KCNA news agency, quoted the spokesman as saying.

The shocking comments about South Korean president was only the latest in the series of similar outrageous words it has used, while expressing its anger towards its foes.

Having previously likened Park to a "comfort woman", North Korea in April described US President Barack Obama as Park's "pimp". In another article, cited by Reuters this month, the notorious regime is understood to have called the US president a "wicked black monkey".

Meanwhile, South Korea has hit back at North's comments in a rare direct attack; an event that tends to indicate the extent to which the two Koreas are at loggerheads.

South Korean Ministry of Defense spokesman Kim Min-seok said the statement was "deeply regrettable" and that Pyongyang regularly lies and, therefore, the words from the regime must be dismissed.

"North Korea isn't a real country is it? It doesn't have human rights or freedom. It exists solely to prop up a single person," Kim said at a briefing in Seoul.

"It is an unreal country that constantly lies and uses historically backward-looking rhetoric. That's why it should cease to exist," Kim said in a statement that used uncharacteristically aggressive words, the first of its kind.