somnath-bharti-violated-law-cannot-arrest-woman-before-lodging-fir-abha-singh Play

Somnath Bharti violated law, cannot arrest woman before lodging FIR: Abha Singh

Mumbai, Jan 17 (ANI): Following Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti's complains about inaction in Malviya Nagar Drug Racket by foreign nationals, Senior Advocate Abha Singh said that Bharti himself violated law. Singh said that Bharti committed offences like arresting a woman without FIR, arresting a woman after sunset, no lawyers given to women and freedom curtailment. Singh said that by this, Bharti created a rift between India and African countries which can put the security of Indians in Africa at stake. She also said that such acts can lead to 'gundaism' and anarchy in the country. Jan 17, 2014
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How working mums-to-be can ensure healthy pregnancy

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): Some women continue to work even when they are expecting, but work-related stress can put the baby at risk. However, if proper precautions are taken, then the baby and mother can enjoy a healthy pregnancy and birth. Consuming 3 to 5 meals a day, munching on snacks through the day, taking regular breaks and exercising in moderation can help working mums relieve stress. Also, avoid being your own doctor because wrong kind of drug exposure can damage the nervous system and lead to physical malformations in the foetus. Office-going women should also stay away from alcohol, smoking and passive smoking too. Jan 17, 2014
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Fast food not major cause behind childhood obesity

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): A new study has found that fast food consumption may not be the major factor in the rapid increase in childhood obesity. The study found that fast-food consumption is simply a byproduct of a much bigger problem: poor all-day-long dietary habits that originate in children's homes. The study was produced by researchers at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Gillings School of Global Public Health. The study's researchers found that children's consumption of fast food is only a small part of a much more pervasive dietary pattern that is fostered at an early age by children's parents and caregivers. Jan 17, 2014
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Modi can sell tea if he likes, won't become PM: Mani Shankar Aiyar

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): Mocking Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar at the All India Congress Committee (AICC) meet said that Modi could never become the prime minister, and added that if he wants to sell tea at the meet, the Congress can arrange for it. Jan 17, 2014
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South Korean President pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): South Korean President Park Geun-hye paid homage at Rajghat, the memorial of iconic freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, in New Delhi on Friday. Accompanied by delegates from South Korea, Park laid a wreath at the memorial and was presented with Gandhi's statue by MoS for external affairs Preneet Kaur. Park will also address a meeting of leading Indian businessmen and industrialists to strengthen trade ties between the two Asian nations in New Delhi. Park is on an official four-day visit to India. Jan 17, 2014
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Will meet HM and request suspension of SHOs: Manish Sisodia

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): Delhi Urban Development Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday said that AAP will meet the Home Minister in the evening and will request the suspension of the SHOs who refrained on taking action on Somnath Bharti and Rakhi Birla's constituency cases. Sisodia said that Delhi Chief Minister met Lt Governor Najeeb Jung over the issue and the Governor is conducting high level inquiry regarding the same. Jan 17, 2014
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Police arrest Maoist in rebel infested Jharkhand

Latehar, Jan 17 (ANI): The police arrested a Maoist and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunitions after a joint combing operation with paramilitary force in Jharkhand. The joint operation was carried out by police, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Deputy Auxiliary Police (DAP) at the rebel hideout in Latehar district of the state. Maoists say they are fighting for the rights of poor farmers and landless labourers. However, thousands have been killed in the insurgency since the late 1960s. Jan 17, 2014
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Congress will win elections, make Rahul Gandhi PM: Harish Rawat

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): Harish Rawat on Friday said that the Congress will win the elections, and then make party Vice President Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister. Sonia Gandhi at the All India Congress Committee meet had said that the decision taken yesterday by the party that Vice President Rahul Gandhi will be the poll panel head is final, and that the Congress was ready for the battle. Jan 17, 2014
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Comparison of records will say who is a better performer: Manmohan Singh

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) on Friday said that there was no reason for the party to be disheartened because it did not do well in the Assembly polls; rather it was time to introspect, and added that when there is a comparison with the opposition, it will be clear who is a better performer. Jan 17, 2014
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Opposition making tall claims which are impossible to fulfill: Manmohan Singh

New Delhi, Jan 17 (ANI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) on Friday said opposition parties are making tall claims which are impossible to fulfill. Singh further added that India is not the only country which witnessed an economic decline, and other developing countries too faced problems due to global economic downfall. Jan 17, 2014
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It happens: FLOWER SHOW

Kochi, Jan 17 (ANI): It was a visual treat for nature lovers at the annual flower show in Kochi city of India's southern Kerala province which concluded on a colourful note. The annual flower show, which kicked-off on January 08, saw participation of exhibitors from different parts of India who showcased different varieties of flowers. People were seen enjoying the show and clicking photographs of different varieties of blooming flowers like chrysanthemum, marigold, orchids, etc. The organizers said that nearly 1,500 rose varieties, 1,000 anthurium varieties, 1,000 orchids, dahlia petunia, gerbera and salvia were put on display. This was the 32nd edition of the Cochin Flower Show: 2014 and was organised by the Ernakulam District Agri-Horticulture Society in city's Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Jan 17, 2014
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Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 17 (ANI): Thousands of Hindu devotees thronged the famous Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram city of India's southern Kerala and offered special prayers by lighting more than one hundred thousand earthen lamps also known as "lakshadeepam" to mark the festival of harvest. Lakshadeepam literally translates as one lakh lamps. On this day, the entire temple is lit with oil lamps and in its glittering background Lord Vishnu, Lord Narasimha and Lord Krishna are taken out on Garudavahana in a grand procession. Sree Padmanabha temple, located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, is famous for the historic Murajapam festival observed once in 6 years. The last Lakshadeepam was celebrated in 2008. The ritual still continues as an immensely grand festival and visual magnitude attracting staggering numbers to the doors of this great Temple. This is a tradition that started in AD 1750. The 56- day- long Murajapam festival, that began on 19 November 2013 concluded on Makara Sankranthi day, according to the Malayalam calendar and included chanting of three vedas (Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda).This is for the welfare of the people and land. Jan 17, 2014
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Bikaner, Jan 17 A(NI): Hip hopping displayed with amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the slightest direction of their drivers, and bumpy neck shaking rides lured travelers for setting up a date to visit the International Camel fair at Bikaner in India's desert state of Rajasthan. The two day festival has already garnered a lot of attention and saw the presence of dignitaries and politicians who were rooting for the entire concept. At the festival, the camels were decorated in traditional Rajasthani accessories and grabbed the spotlight with their dance moves.Western tourists as well as domestic ones were spellbound by the graceful performances of vibrantly dressed dancing camels. A variety of events including camel race, camel dance, camel decoration competitions and camel wrestling were held, which the tourists termed as exquisite.Camel trading and festivals related to camels are common in Rajasthan. One of the biggest camel festivals in Asia is the Pushkar camel fair that attracts tourists from India and overseas. Jan 17, 2014