Bhutan Elections: Enthused Citizens Cast Vote by Postal Ballots, Many Travel for Days; Nation of Happiness Upholds Democracy by Example?

If your father gave you the most desirable gift on earth, you would make the most out of it. Bhutanese received a gift of sorts five years ago when they were enshrined with the power to elect their own leaders through voting. Democracy is a new word for them, but here is a tiny Himalayan nation which seems to have long moved on from its naivety. Those who were not able to travel to their constituencies voted through postal ballot. Jun 1, 2013

Arvind Mahankali, Indo-American Teenager Wins 86th Spell Bee [VIDEO]

All of a sudden, 'Knaidel', a dumpling served in soup, is getting all the attention. And half of the credit goes to Arvind V Mahankali who spelled the German-origin word correctly to win the 86th Scripps National Spelling Bee contest held at Mary Land, US on Thursday. Jun 1, 2013