aadhar card for dog
This dog was issued an Aadhar Card by his owner, who also happens to be a supervisor at an Aadhar Registration Centre.Twitter/News18

While people all over India queue up each day to register for the Aadhar Card, it looks like Tommy Singh got his without breaking a sweat. 

Last year, Lord Hanuman shocked everyone with an Aadhar card and now it's a pet dog that has grabbed limelight. 

The Madhya Pradesh police arrested a man, who happens to be a supervisor at Aadhaar Registration Center in Bhind district's Umri town, for making unique identification card for his pet dog.

The card issued to the dog is in the name of 'Tommy Singh', a male pet born to 'Sheru Singh' on 26 November, 2009.

The man, identified as Azam Khan, was arrested on Thursday following complaints filed by locals at the Umri Police station. The locals alleged that while they were facing difficulties in getting their names registered for Aadhar card, the agency is issuing ID cards to dogs and other animals.

The investigation led the police to Khan, 35, who has been booked for forgery.

The police are further investigating the allegations to check if he has made more such cards.

In September last year, a unique identification card was issued to Lord Hanuman, a mythological figure from "Ramayana", with the name "Pawan Ji".

A computer operator in Rajasthan had applied for a Aadhar Card in the name of Lord Hanuman after he failed to get one for himself despite several attempts.