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Go Magical with Aurora

Fashion designer Vedangi Agarwal’s latest spring summer collection depicts the magical shades of the morning dawn. The collection titled Aurora plays with subtle pastel shades and strokes of gold shimmer brings the same freshness and beauty as the early sunrise. The glamourous floral gowns and draped dresses with a touch of gold embroidery and texture, [...] Nov 21, 2013
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If I fall in love, I will settle down, says Shahid Kapoor

New Delhi, Nov 21 (ANI): Tinsel villa's heartthrob, Shahid Kapoor says that he will settle down if he finds the right girl. He wants to put his personal life on track now. "I have been single for two years and I am happy being single. If I like a girl, maybe I will settle down ... otherwise it's too tiring ... dil toote, depression mein jayo ... So now pyaar hoga toh (If I fall in love), I will settle down," he said. That's quite a right decision Shahid!!! Nov 21, 2013
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Film with Salman will be special one: Deepika Padukone

New Delhi, Nov 21 (ANI): Bollywood babe, Deepika Padukone is yet to share screen space with Salman Khan, but says whenever they will do a film together, it will be a 'special' one. "I want to work with Salman. I am really looking forward to work with him. Whenever Salman and I will come together, it will be a special film," she said. Well..we all are also waiting for this so called 'Special' film Deepika!!! Nov 21, 2013
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Men with good-looking wives lead happy married life

New Delhi, Nov 20 (ANI): A new study has found that an attractive wife can make a man's marital life quite satisfactory as compared to an unattractive wife. For the four-year study, psychologist Andrea Meltzer asked 450 newlywed couples whether a good-looking spouse leads to a more satisfying union. The findings showed that wives' attractiveness on husbands' satisfaction was significantly stronger than husbands' attractiveness on wives' satisfaction. According to the report, spousal attractiveness played a larger role in predicting husbands' marital satisfaction than it did in predicting wives' marital satisfaction. Nov 20, 2013
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Adam Levine voted 'sexiest man alive' by People Magazine

New Delhi, Nov 20 (ANI): Adam Levine has been named the 'Sexiest Man Alive' of 2013 by People Magazine. The Maroon 5 vocalist told the publication that as a musician, one dreams of winning Grammys, but he didn't know he could land such a title. The 34-year-old singer, who is engaged to Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, said that he is just amazed and stunned after receiving the title. Levine added that when he first got to know about his title, he thought the publication was joking. Nov 20, 2013
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Singh Saab comes to New Delhi!

New Delhi, Nov 20 (ANI): Well…..this was all about Singh Saab. And, as you know that Sunny Paji has always been known for his punching dialogues such as ‘Tariq pe Tariq or Dhai kilo ka haath’, so let’s hear his favorite dialogue from this movie. What an impactful line Sunny? But guys, Sunny has a special message for you all too….so let’s check out what he has to say? Definitely Sunny, your all fans will go and watch ‘Singh Saab – The Great’. So, guys catch this action packed film in your nearest theaters on 22nd November! Nov 20, 2013
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Dimple Kapadia unveils the first look of 'What The fish'

Mumbai, Nov 20 (ANI): Veteran bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia was spotted launching the first theatrical trailer of her upcoming comedy drama 'What the fish' along with its cast and crew in the showbiz capital Mumbai. Speaking on the occasion Dimple said that she thoroughly enjoyed working in the film. While the director Gurmeet spoke about the fishy title of the film! The story of "What The Fish" revolves around the protagonist who has to leave town and needs someone to take care of her money plant and fish. She then decides to leave the house in the care of her niece. The narrative is about the hilarious turn of events which take place in the house in her absence. The film is slated for a 13th December release. Nov 20, 2013
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Imran & Kareena promote 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' in Mumbai

Mumbai, Nov 20 (ANI): Bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor Khan and Imran Khan along with the director of their upcoming romantic comedy film 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' promoted their film in showbiz capital, Mumbai. Director Punit Malhotra said that it is an entertaining and fun film, which will be liked by everyone. Lead actress Kareena said that she really enjoyed working with his co-star, Imran Khan. A Dharma Productions film, 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' is a story of a man who travels to a village from the city to win his love. The film is scheduled to hit the screens on November 22 Nov 20, 2013
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Aamir and Katrina promote 'Dhoom 3' in Mumbai

Mumbai, Nov 20 (ANI): Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan lauded the team of his upcoming action-thriller 'Dhoom 3' while promoting it with the film's leading lady Katrina Kaif in showbiz capital, Mumbai. Khan is the talk of the town with his immense talent and a perfectly toned body, a look that took him nearly two years to achieve. Talking about the film, Khan said that every person associated with the film has contributed equally and he alone should not be given credit. Meanwhile leading lady Katrina Kaif said that Khan is a genuine actor and understands every aspect of a film. The release of the theatrical trailer of 'Dhoom 3' has already gone viral, though it has successfully maintained an air of enigma around the most hyped film of the year without revealing anything about the storyline. 'Dhoom 3' will hit the silver screen on December 20, 2013. Nov 20, 2013