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Season 30 of "Survivor" is as gripping as the last 29 seasons; and this time, the contestant have formed groups based on the walk of life they belong to. With two episodes of "Worlds Apart" already aired and two contestants having said goodbye to the reality show, week three promises a rising drama, especially from the members of the blue collar tribe. 

The titular theme "White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar" suggests all the contestants are divided into three groups: white collar, blue collar, or no collar tribes. While white collar tribe consists of people from the corporate world, mostly working 9-5 jobs, blue collar tribe has people who get their hands dirty to get the job done. On the other hand, no collar tribe is home to those that dance to the beat of their own drums. 

Nudity and Meltdown

Nude seems to be the fashion statement on the island and while one lost his underwear by accident, other chose to be naked.

Dan, who stands out as the sore thumb of the Blue Collar tribe, lost his underwear while revealing himself in the water and had to resort to some innovative craftsmanship to convert his t-shirt into underpants. However, teammate Lindsey feels that he was running a gag to win a few laughs and earn friendships within the tribe.

Max of white collar, on the other hand, devised a plan to be alone without rubbing anyone off in the wrong way. He decided to swim naked so that he would be left alone by members of his tribe who would find it awkward to sit near a naked guy. He also said that he was paying tribute to Richard Hatch from "Survivor" Season one, who was also prone to skinny-dipping. Soon though, his freeing self-confidence caught on, and teammate Shirin was seen washing dishes naked waist-down, much to the frustration of their tribe-mate Tyler.

Meanwhile, over at the no collar tribe, tone deaf Nina gets upset that her tribe's girls Hali and Jenn went skinny dipping without inviting or informing her. She believes that they are avoiding her because she cannot hear and has a meltdown. Unapologetic Jenn tells the camera that she would have baby Nine until they eliminate her. 

Challenge and Immunity

White collars, who already has a bad rep among the other two tribes, had a slow start by losing the first challenge and sending home a strong tribe member So Kim. However, in episode 2 they won the immunity challenge, wherein the tribe members were required to swim to a series of platforms, manoeuvring buoys through the water to then toss them in a basket. 

Although the white collar had a rough start, Joaquin helped them take the lead towards the end -9* in the basket throwing portion of the challenge. The challenge also won the white collar tribe advanced fishing equipment, while the blue collar tribe that came in second won a fishing rod. 

The no collar tribe was unable to get a single buoy into the basket and had to head on to the tribal council to eliminate a member.

Tribal Council

Following the challenge, focus was on the no-collar tribe which has to eliminate one of their members. The tribe was split right in the middle with a showdown of team Joe vs team Vince. Joe and Vince have both been silently fighting for the Alpha Dog position and while Vince tries to truly embrace the "free spirit" tag given to him, he is seen seething with jealousy at Joe's popularity.

Vince is also worried about Will's health, especially since his exceptionally bad performance during the challenge. He sends Nina to ask him if he is good to do the challenges, which sends Will's thoughts spiralling. Will is paranoid that Vince is blindsiding him and puts his name on the chop board, resulting in Vince's elimination. 

Spoilers for "Crazy Is As Crazy Does"

The spoilers for episode 3 of "Survivors: Worlds Apart" suggest that the blue tribe, which is still housefull, might face a meltdown and possibly a tribe split.

In episode 2, it was shown that Mike is fed up with his teammates' "lazy" behaviour. He believes that he is the only one that works, while the others are all taking it easy. Unlike no collars' passive aggressive fights and white collars' snobby remarks, blue collars fight like they mean it, and aren't afraid to express themselves vocally. Therefore, "Crazy Is As Crazy Does" is going to bring the much-awaited drama to "Surivor" Season 30.

Meanwhile, Shirin of white collar seems to believe that living on the trees is a good idea; sure, a treehouse sounds perfect in the woods, but looking back at the first episode and the clumsy shelter building of the white collars, this seems like courting disaster. 

The members of no collar tribe, in the meantime, has found wacky new ways to find food in the jungle. They are whipping lizards to death and snacking away. But compared to Mike eating a scorpion in the first episode, this doesn't seem so crazy after all.

Watch out for Season 30 episode 3 of "Survivor" on Wednesday, 11 March, at 8.00 pm (EST).