Big Tamil releases
Tamil producers have decided to release big budget movies only during festive seasonsIB Times, India

Tamil film producers' decision to release big movies only during the festive season has come as a shock to many and led to massive debate among actors, distributors and the theatre owners.

According to the latest rule, any big movie that crosses the budget of Rs 15 Crore will be released only on 10 important days of the year, whose dates are: 14 April, 1 May , 15 Aug , 17 Sept, 21 October, 10 November (Diwali), 25 December and so on.

With this new rule, the association expects the big movies to fight hard with each other. This rule has led to many speculations and controversies as well; many believe this will make it tougher for big budget movies as it will be difficult to fit in all big movies in just ten days, adversely affecting the box office collection of the movies.

This move is seen by many as an attempt to provide enough screens for small movies, whereas another section of the industry claims that this rule will adversely affect the industry as no big days come in the first three months of the year.

Dhananjan Govind, Chief of UTV Movies South, said that the decision is going to be tough for big films.

This has also led to confusion among many as the transparency of the budget details from the producers is not assured. Considering this actor Sharath Kumar recently made a statement at function about the need to overhaul the movie-making system for the betterment of entertainment industry. Meanwhile, some sources close to industry claims that there would be further discussion between the Producers' council and other associations of the industry. They hope that the council would ease on these rules.