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Will Bollywood Go the Cotton Way on the Red Carpet?

This Indian fashion designer decides to go the bold route with cotton to craft vivacious red carpet silhouettes. Mumtaz Khan, a Bhopal-based designer, uses only natural prints and dyes in his creations to spread an eco-friendly message. His dedication to natural fabrics is an encouragement to local artisans working on environment friendly fabrics. His showcase [...] Apr 29, 2014
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Katrina-Ranbir not moving in together?

New Delhi, April 29 (ANI): Recently reports alleged that actor Ranbir Kapoor had bought three floors in a building in Bandra, and that he may have done so in order to live together with rumored lady love Katrina Kaif. But now, recent reports are claiming that this may not have been the case considering the Dhoom 3 actress has gone house hunting for herself, although in the same suburb. She's reportedly been house hunting for two months now and came close to signing for one, but continued her search owing to the fact that the house she almost liked earlier had a small gate at the entrance. Apr 29, 2014
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Katy Perry reveals passion for gardening

New Delhi, April 29 (ANI): Katy Perry has revealed that she is passionate about gardening and finds growing her own food "fulfilling and relaxing.' Whilst talking about keeping a healthy lifestyle, the 29-year-old singer asserted that she takes lot of vitamins and she drinks lot of water. A source close to Katy earlier revealed that she believed that the workouts really calmed Katy's brain. Apr 29, 2014
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Black & Brown Smokey eye

On B for B, we'll see 2 smokey eyed looks that makeup artist Shehla has created for us. Shehla first shows us how to do brown smokey eyes. After finishing with the foundation and concealer, we apply an eye-shadow base. Then, we give a light brown in the inner corner of the eyelid and black in the outer corner and we blend these two colors well. A reddish brown on the crease will give some definition to the eyes. Finish the look with a setting powder, contouring and lipstick. the eyes are completed with mascara and a winged out liner. Next we do an easy black smokey eye using a kohl pencil. We apply it all over the eyelid and blend it evenly. We use a jet black eye-shadow and apply it over the kohl. On the crease, we give a brown eye-shadow to create a softer look and erase any hard lines. We give black near the lower lash-line, kohl on the waterline and mascara on the eyelashes. Highlight the brow-bone, under the brows, with a light shade. Finally, remember to keep the lips subtle since we want the eyes to do the talking.!!! Follow us on TWITTER - https://twitter.com/VentunoMakeup Subscribe to YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/VentunoMakeup Like us on FACEBOOK - - https://www.facebook.com/pages/B-for-Beauty/183087208488184?ref=hl A Ventuno Production : http://www.vent Apr 28, 2014
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Abbas: Holocaust 'most heinous crime' of modern era

A senior advisor to Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas comments on Abbas' statement that the mass killing of Jews in the Holocaust was "the most heinous crime." The remarks were Abbas' strongest yet on the Nazi genocide. Duration: 01:02 Apr 28, 2014
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DIY : Paper Butterfly

Learn how to fold a paper butterfly, check this video! Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/ArtAllTheWay Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheVentunoArt Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheVentunoart A Ventuno Production : www.ventunotech.com Apr 28, 2014
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An evening of Art

New Delhi, April 28 (ANI): In a bid to promote Indian art globally and lift the art market, the Global Art Hub organized a majestic evening of art, wine and cheese for the art lovers and collectors of Delhi recently. The evening witnessed some of the exquisite and rare collections by the top art galleries of Delhi exhibiting paintings of world-class painters like M.F Hussain and Satish Gujral amongst others. Apr 28, 2014
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Want to be happy? Make others smile

New Delhi, April 28 (ANI): A new study has revealed one can be happy by making others smile. Researchers at Stanford University have claimed that making someone smile is as good for the giver as it is for the receiver and if one sets out to make someone happy, instead of just smile, then they will probably fail. According to the study, as happiness is a vague, abstract condition and in the end one won't know if the other person is really happy, it can cause frustration and thus unhappiness.Psychologist Jennifer Aaker, lead author of the study said that a pro social act can not only boost the happiness of the recipient, but it can boost the happiness of the giver as well, and that making someone smile is a concrete goal, they said, so it's easier to achieve.The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Apr 28, 2014
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Amitabh Bachchan Shoots For Nagarjuna's Film

Amitabh Bachchan will be seen doing a cameo role in southern star Nagarjuna’s film. The megastar is busy working in several projects and Nagarjuna’s film, the details of which haven’t been revealed. Apr 28, 2014