'Empire' will be back on Fox with season 2 by 23 September.Facebook/Empire

The creators of "Empire" are preparing a modern version of "Game of Thrones" for season 2 along with "new relationship dynamics" for Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) and Andre Lyon (Trai Byers).

Co-creator Danny Strong recently revealed that unlike the first season, which focused on "who will inherit the throne", the second one will revolve around "war for the throne".

"The thing we talk about in the writers' room all the time is 'Game of Thrones'. It goes back to the 'King Lear' of it all, so the idea of telling you this modern-day pop soap opera but also try to frame it in an epic, mythological kingdom-type framework is, to me, the most exciting part of the show," said Strong while attending the ATX Television Festival, reported MTV.

The co-creator even stated that the storyline of season 2 will "enrage a big number of viewers" as they are planning to drop an exciting bomb that will "piss people off". "I love that we're taking a genre that's a very mainstream genre and telling a very subversive story within that genre — tackling homophobia and race relations and bipolar disorder," Buzzfeed quoted him.

Meanwhile, Strong spilled out a few details about the new cast member Adam Rodriguez's character and stated that he will bring out the good side of  Cookie in the upcoming season of "Empire", according to E!Online.

In the meantime, writer Wendy Calhoun revealed that she would love to explore the "new relationship dynamics" between Henson's character and her son Andre in the Fox series. "I'm very attached to the mythology of the Lyon family. There's going to be, hopefully, a storyline in season two that's a flashback story that's going to be an origin story for one of the characters," she added.

So fans can expect tremendous twists and turns in each of the characters' lives when "Empire" returns on Fox with season 2 on Wednesday, 23 September.