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Bollywood movie "Hamari Adhuri Kahani" (HAK) starring Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan and Rajkummar Rao in the leads has released in theatres on 12 June and received mixed reviews from the viewers.

"Hamari Adhuri Kahani" is a romantic drama film, which is directed by Mohit Suri. Written by Mahesh Bhatt and Shagufta Rafiq, the movie is based on the love story of Bhatt's parents, Nanabhai Bhatt, Shirin Mohammad Ali and his stepmother. Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan and Rajkummar Rao have played the lead roles in the film.

Vasudha (Vidya Balan) is forced into an arrange marriage with Hari (Rajkummar Rao), who goes missing after having a son with her. Vasudha turns a florist in plush hotel to earn a livelihood for her family. Multi-millionaire hotel owner Aarav Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi) falls in love with her. Just when everything is going fine, Hari reenters her life. What happens next will form the crux of the story.

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The audience, who have seen the film, say that "Hamari Adhuri Kahani" is another wonderful love story after "Aashiqui 2" and Emraan Hashmi, who has given wonderful performance, steals with show. The melodious music, amazing picturisation and Shagufta-written dialogues are the main highlights of the film. But its story is not engrossing, which is the biggest drawback of the film.

Here are the comments of the audience, who shared their verdict on Twitter. Continue to read the live update of "Hamari Adhuri Kahani" movie review by viewers.

Naresh bijarnia ‏@naresh4098

This love story is a tad too stretched. #HamariAdhuriKahani Somewhere it seems such love stories are unrealistic and doesn't happen ever in real life. #HamariAdhuriKahani #HamariAdhuriKahani somewhere shows the hypocrisy of the patriarchal society and the faithfulness of a woman towards her brutish husband. The last scene will bring you in tears. This heart-wrenching tale is for all those who have loved and lost. #HamariAdhuriKahani

Shivam ‏@emmi_shivam

#HamariAdhuriKahani proves that @emraanhashmi is made for Romantic films his command over Emotion is must watchable Rula diye bhai last scene m @emraanhashmi #HamariAdhuriKahani Lazwab Acting .. No one can made a Romantic film with grt Emotions like @mohit11481 gr8 command over music #HamariAdhuriKahani

Abhishek Sharma ‏@me_abhishek3141

#HamariAdhuriKahani is simply awesome. Stunning looks of @emraanhashmi . Perfect on screen chemistry between Emraan and Vidya Mam. Women issues have been discussed in the movie #HamariAdhuriKahani A nice romantic movie and motivation for women.Must watch @emraanhashmi #HamariAdhuriKahani is a full package entertainment. Melidious songs, outstanding acting, super hit story. A complete success

Jo Chahe Bula Lo ‏@freak_O_mania

#HamariAdhuriKahani No Movie Can Define The Meaning Of Love So Deeply The Way It Is Shown In The 2nd Half Of The Film Totally Class. (1/2) Character Of Aarav Is So Loving In Love With @emraanhashmi.. @mohit11481 Proved It again He Is the Best (2/2)

PRINcE Kumar ‏@PRINcEKumar619

Superb film made me weep #HamariAdhuriKahani great work from all of d team #EmraanHashmi you beauty thanks for such a great performance really proud to be an #emraanian

Soni Razdan ?@Soni_Razdan

One of the most powerful films i have seen. Vidya Balan is brilliant in it. So many will identify with Vasuda's plight ! #HamariAdhuriKahani Emraan is suave and sensitive and oh so intense. He's the man every woman is looking for but just can't seem to find #HamariAdhuriKahani Go watch #HamariAdhuriKahani for the performances and the heart from the pen of one of the most passionate auteurs we have..@MaheshNBhatt #HamariAdhuriKahani @mohit11481 Unbeatable team of talent brings you this powerhouse film. Mohit Suri lays before us a dazzling Kahani #HamariAdhuriKahani @mohit11481 Brilliantly directed with lashings of passion and pain. #mustwatch

Haroon Anjum ?@HaHaHaroon

It has everything to be @mohit11481 Best film till date, and beat my fav film by him, Woh Lamhe. #HamariAdhuriKahani #HAK

Devansh Patel ?@PatelDevansh

Just witnessed the most unadulterated romance in years. I think it's called #HamariAdhuriKahani - Bravo @mohit11481 #HamariAdhuriKahani is so strong on emotions. It will resonate with those who loved #Aashiqui2 & those who love someone unconditionally.

Pankaj Sabnani ?@pankajsabnani

#HamariAdhuriKahani is one of those 'so bad that it's actually good' films. You just can't help but laugh at its silliness. But I think I've a man crush on @emraanhashmi after the film. He looked so damn good! #HamariAdhuriKahani

Juhichakraborty ?@cjuhi

#hamariadhurikahani a never ending bore fest heavily laden with blywood cliches and 90s dialogue #yawn?? Three good actors wasted #HamariAdhuriKahani The most enthusiastic character in #HAK hashmi's assistant Biggest lesson from #HAK the most imp thing is saat janmo ka sath Best of all the film ends with a shoddy, distasteful speech on woman emancipation ...#HamariAdhuriKahani The last scene is a bridges of Madison county rip off #hak ???? Bad script, poor dialogues, predictable plot but #emraanhashmi is delicious #hamariadhurikahani ????

Sarit Ray ‏@saritray2001

Some kahanis are better left adhuri. Nonsense story, plots; dialogue so bad it'll remind you of the 90s, in a bad way. #HamariAdhuriKahani

Rashi ‏@Rashi94915855

#HamariAdhuriKahani must watch by people who believe in love , really @RealVidyaBalan and @emraanhashmi looking good

Jim Bessman ‏@JimBessman

Back from screening of Bollywood movie #HamariAdhuriKahani. Sometimes gripping, sometimes slow story about ill-fated love triangle. #VidyaBalan, #EmraanHashmi excellent in #HamariAdhuriKahani.

Sarika D Sharma ‏@Sarikaasharma

Couldn't take my eyes off Emraan Hashmi, he has never looked so handsome blushing ♥♥ #HamariAdhuriKahani

AlwaysBollywood ‏@AlwaysBollywoo

#HamariAdhuriKahani review : ★★★½ ... A heart touching love story which will leave u emotionally statue...

Bobby Paul ‏@bobbyjpaul

1 #HamariAdhuriKahani one of the most beautiful love stories I've seen. @mohit11481 brilliant stuff!@MaheshNBhatt heart touching story sir 2. #HamariAdhuriKahani @emraanhashmi Aarav Ruparel should be the bechmark of the dream lover. Brilliant potrayal! Your best so far! 3. #HamariAdhuriKahani I could write a book on #VidyaBalan 's ability to emote. She drew audience to be a part of Vasudha's journey. 4. #HamariAdhuriKahani @RajkummarRao this is the first time I empathised with a negative character. The last ashes scene touched me the most 5. #HamariAdhuriKahani the heart touching music is perfectly sequenced. Hasi was beautiful in Amala's version. @shreyaghoshal

Suleman Saif ‏@sulemansaif

Just watched #Hamariadhurikahani, everything was just superb, acting, expressions, music, story and you were awesome @emraanhashmi #HAK Superhit, Paisa Vasool, You don't get to watch this type of movie everyday, just go for it & you wont regret @emraanhashmi

#HumariAdhuriKahani ‏@KamranK01

This is how love should be!! The only way it should be! #HamariAdhuriKahani Was drenched in tears & filled with love after watching it!! #HamariAdhuriKahani is bold, beautiful and emotional. Amazing to those who understand and digest. Well done @mohit11481 @emraanhashmi

Minmon ‏@YasminDiiz_

Done watching hamari adhuri kahani. I'm officially emraan hashmi's fan now 7.5/10 for #HamariAdhuriKahani .emraan's best performance ever,vidya and rajkumar rao are just amazing. I cried like a baby aashiqui 2 has a better story,but hamari adhuri kahani makes me cry for 2 hours non stop. emraan hashmi should act in love story again after hamari adhuri kahani. part dia nangis,minmon pun banjir jugak if you're hoping for love story with happy ending,#HamariAdhuriKahani is not for u.this movie is the real thing that happen around us.

Emraan Hashmi ‏@vishalKKC

Just Watched #HamariAdhuriKahani :* Best Performance By @emraanhashmi and Ending is Superb :) @Mohit11481 True Love Story Never End :* Take a Bow @Mohit11481 @Maheshnbhatt @emraanhahshmi MY Rating 10/10 to #HAK #HamariAdhuriKahani One of Best Movie of @emraanhashmi and His Acting In #HAK MindBlowing I Love u Emi :*