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Comic festival awards special prize to Charlie Hebdo

The top comic festival at Angouleme, France, awards a special prize to the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine, the target of a jihadist attack this month, and its Grand Prix to Japanese manga author Katsuhiro Otomo. Duration: 00:38 Jan 31, 2015
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Iraqi artist aims kick at IS jihadists

The Islamic State group militant glares at Baghdad residents with bulging eyes and bared teeth, but neither kidnapping nor death are imminent, because this jihadist is made from a shoe. Duration: 00:48 Jan 31, 2015
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Kim K says really trying for second baby with her hubby

New Delhi, Jan 30 (ANI): Kim Kardashian has said that she has been trying really hard for her second baby with her rapper husband Kanye West. She said that more kids can't come soon enough adding that their perfect date night is watching a movie in their theater, cooking some food and doing absolutely nothing, a web portal reported. She has been married to Kanye for almost a year and the reports of their trying for second baby are doing the rounds from last few months. Jan 30, 2015
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Emma Watson takes HeForShe campaign to Twitter

Mumbai, Jan 30 (ANI): Emma Watson has recently taken it to her Twitter page to answer some questions about the HeForShe campaign, during which she delivered advice on the importance of equal rights for men and women. When a young woman asked her on Twitter what she could do to change her dad's view that engineering was a man's profession, Emma replied "Become an engineer," a web portal reported. Another fan wrote "any tips for teenage girls with parents who think they should aspire to marry and have kids, rather than have a successful career?" to which the 'Harry Potter' star replied "Why not have both?" Jan 30, 2015