Anjali Aneesh Upasana
Anjali Aneesh UpasanaAnjali Aneesh Upasana/Facebook

A man has reportedly been arrested for circulating a morphed image of Malayalam actress Anjali Aneesh Upasana.

An obscene photo of the "Kali" actress has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp and other online platforms for quite some time now. Anjali had filed a complaint with the cyber cell as well. According to latest reports, investigation is underway and more people are expected to be arrested in connection with the case. The "Ben" actress has also thanked all well-wishers for supporting her during this unfortunate period. 

"Somebody has created a pic of mine sticking their mothers or sisters body with my face on it and is spreading in whatsapp.. I have filed a complaint in cyber cell and they have now confirmed me that they will be tracking the numbers who is spreading it and will take neccesary steps to catch the culprits under cyber criminal act. Please share this my friends and thank you all for the support you extend to me (sic)," Anjali posted on her Facebook page.

A few days earlier, "Life of Josutty" actress Jyothi had also given a befitting reply to the creator of her morphed photograph, saying "some boy/girl belonging to a good family has been circulating a morphed photo with my head and his/her's mother's or sister's body through Whatsapp. I have nothing else to say to the one who has created this morphed image because his/her attempt to do something he/she wished to just failed this time."

Previously, a few teenagers were arrested for uploading and creating fake videos, photos and Facebook pages of actresses Asha Sarath and Gayathri Arun.