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Justin Bieber was judged a bad celebrity neighbour when he egged his California neighbour's home in 2014. But his hell-raising antics started long before he became a celebrity, according to his former Canadian neighbours who do not want the pop star to ever return to the area.

One of Bieber's neighbours who resided in Stratford, Ontario, revealed that the pop sensation loved to cause trouble as a child. "There's nothing good I can say about him," the disgruntled neighbour who did not want to be named told the Daily Mail. "I'm just so glad he is gone."

Bieber was reportedly always throwing pears into their pool and he was fond of scaring their cat too. "There is an apartment block nearby and he'd ring all the buzzers to get the residents to open the doors," continued the neighbour. "My house was egged three times by that kid. If we went on holiday he'd play games on my lawn. After one winter we found 16 of his ice hockey pucks there."

Bieber would also trample their plants playing basketball and an apology would never be forthcoming, the neighbour added, and blamed his unruly behaviour to the now-22-year-old's mom Pattie.

"His mom couldn't really control him. She had the brain of a ten-year-old. When I'd confront her, she would defend him saying things like, 'If Justin says he didn't throw pears in the pool, he didn't throw pears in the pool because Justin never lies.'"

In January 2014, Bieber's neighbour Jeffrey Schwartz contacted law enforcement authorities to his Calabasas, Calif., home alleging that the singer was throwing eggs at his front door. As a punishment, Bieber was put on two years' probation and asked to pay a fine of $80,900 in damages. The singer was also asked to attend a 12-week anger management programme and to stay away from the victim and his family for two years.