IBTimes India Rating: 3.5

Amidst all the hype on the Internet regarding DC Extended Universe's (DCEU) latest offering, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," for the past one and a half years, the movie opened to a positive response from fans.

The response seems justified, given that this is overall a good movie, despite certain elements not meeting expectations, especially in the direction and the story.



"Dawn of Justice" is Zack Snyder's second venture into superhero movies after DCEU's debut "Man of Steel" (2013). Snyder will also be directing the upcoming two-part film of the franchise, "Justice League," titled "Justice League Part One" and "Justice League Part Two."

Known for his unique directing style, Snyder's approach to the movie is somewhat similar to "Man of Steel" and his earlier films like "300" and "Watchmen."

However, unlike "Man of Steel" that managed to maintain its grasp, "Dawn of Justice" lacks the grip and hence, is comparatively untenable, which is a little disappointing.


The world loved Christian Bale as Christopher Nolan's incarnation of Batman in "The Dark Knight" trilogy. However, "Dawn of Justice" will have both fans and detractors, the dividing line being those who read the original comic books, including everything about Superman and Batman way before Nolan's "Batman Begins" even hit the theatres, and those who didn't read the books at all.

Ben Affleck's Batman is much closer to the comic book counterpart (especially to Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns") and is nothing like Bale's version of the Caped Crusader. Hence, even though Affleck's Batman is a perfect adaptation of the original comic book, it dissapoints when it comes to the cinematic version as it is nowhere near Nolan's incarnation.

Henry Cavill's Superman isn't up to the mark, and has lost its "Man of Steel" charm significantly. Even though he is one of the two titular characters, Superman's role is largely diminished. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is undoubtedly the show-stopper, and perfect in the role of Amazonian princess.

The Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg is entirely new, and never before seen in any of the antagonist's previous incarnations. However, even though the character has a unique personality, it fails to impress much.

Besides, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and Jeremy Irons have played their respective roles well, but without any remarkable impression.


The story of "Dawn of Justice," though drawn heavily from the comic books, fails miserably to meet expectations. There are numerous instances in the movie that seem to be just thrust upon without any plausible explanation, and look like a desperate attempt to pave the way for the upcoming "Justice League" movies.

The major plots in the film have been created out of nowhere. Whether it be the reason behind Batman and Superman's clash or the introduction of future superheroes in the DCEU like The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, it is all done hurriedly, leaving the audience irritated and annoyed.

Overall Execution

"Dawn of Justice" is a good movie indeed. Though it hasn't lived up to the hype, it was not a total disappointment. Certain elements could have been improved. For example, the scene transitions are poorly done and don't maintain continuity. Before the audience know it, the scene changes and an entirely different side of the story starts to unfold, resulting in further annoyance.


A must-watch for a one-time watch. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" might not be the usual Marvel pleasure trip, but it has its own genuineness. Comic book lovers are definitely going to love it, and for the rest of audience, it is undoubtedly worth a shot.