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Mens Wear Vs Womans Wear?

Manoviraj Khosla celebrates life and its beauty with his collection that he showcases at the Chennai International Fashion Week. Bright hues of neon pinks, greens and oranges give way to metallic shades and black and whites. The silhouettes too swing between gowns, short dresses and bikinis. The unique choreography involving dance and tease along with [...] Aug 20, 2014
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Catwalk Makes Bipasha and Chitrangada Jittery

Bringing the curtains down at the resplendent finale of India Couture Week, 2014, were the elegant b’town showstoppers Bipasha Basu and Chitrangada Singh. Swaying to classic Hollywood tunes, Chitrangada does a Marilyn Monroe in an opulent black dress complimented by an elaborate diamond neck piece. Playing the flawless Indian urban bride was Bipasha Basu in [...] Aug 20, 2014
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'Anukshanam' leaves Vishnu tired and exhausted

Vishnu Manoj's upcoming film Anukshanam has apparently left the actor tired and exhausted. He says that it was one of the toughest roles he has played in his career. The character took a toll on him. Aug 19, 2014
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Allu Arjun Denies Drunk and Drive Charges

A recent online video showing Allu Arjun arguing with the police for being check on a drunk driving case has gone viral. The actor on the other hand condemns the media for negative publicity. He used his facebook account to clear the air this morning. Most ironically or not, the actor had just acted in a short film called "I am that change". The movie was about being responsible citizens for the country! He added, "Even if I have a few drinks I always walk back or ask someone to drop me off or take a taxi or an auto. It's very disrespectful to see one of the media groups to leak the video and be edited in such a wrong pattern." Aug 19, 2014
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Madras Misses Ganesh Chaturthi

Madras, a film Starring Paruthi Veeran Karthi is not going to release as planned on the 29 of August. The film will miss the Ganesh Charturthi day release, which is considered Auspicious and the reason seems to be rather wierd. A film, that was already delayed, found its slot on 29 August, but due to Insufficient members in the office of Censor Board, there are no Censor Certificates being delivered. Aug 19, 2014
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Misunderstand Over A Lipstick Mark Kum Kum Bhagya

Pragya and Abhishek comes out of their bedroom to attend the function and by-mistakely a lipstick mark gets on Abhishek's cheek. Both Pragya and Abhishek are unaware of it. Watch the video to find out what happens when their family members notice it and starts teasing them for it.. Aug 19, 2014