Kaley Cuoco
Pictured: Actress Kaley Cuoco attends the 17th Annual Instyle and Warner Bros. Pictures Golden Globes After Party in Beverly Hills, California Jan. 10, 2016.Reuters

Secrets come tumbling down in Thursday's episode of "The Big Bang Theory" titled "The Big Bear Precipitation" when Amy, Sheldon, Penny and Leonard head outdoors into the woods for a weekend.

A description of the episode on "The Big Bang Theory" Wikia states that the group's plan to go out hiking will be ruined after it starts raining. To pass time, Penny suggests playing Never Have I Ever. But when wine starts flowing, Sheldon starts spilling some truths about himself as well as his roommate Leonard.

According to the description, the game takes a mischievous turn when Leonard hints Penny had used Sheldon's toothbrush to clean the bathroom sink. An upset Sheldon then reveals that Leonard has a secret bank account hidden from Penny, and this revelation angers Kaley Cuoco's character.

However, when Leonard goes to sort out things with his wife, she reveals that she too has been harbouring a secret. Apparently, Penny is tired of working as a sales representative and flirting with doctors. But she doesn't want to try her luck as an actress too.

"Hell no," Cuoco told Entertainment Weekly when asked if her character will take up acting as a career once again. "I never want to shoot Serial Ape-ist again. That fake movie was the torture of my life. No, I'd like her to stay in real life and really have her have a real job."

According to executive producer Steve Molaro, there will be another step for Penny."We're starting to think about where Penny is in her life professionally," Molaro told Entertainment Weekly regarding Penny's job. "While she's doing well in her current career, she may not be in love with it. There will be another step."

The official synopsis for "The Big Bear Precipitation" reads: "After learning about the health benefits of being in nature, Sheldon spends a weekend in the woodsy cabin with Amy, Penny, and Leonard. But, as the wine starts to flow, major secrets come to the surface."

"The Big Bang Theory" airs Thursdays on CBS. Click here to watch the episode live.