F-35 fighter-pilot helmet technology takes aerial warfare into the future

Lockheed Martins new F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is being hailed as the worlds most advanced tactical aircraft and a new technological era for aerial warfare. Its been 15-years in the making, each cost nearly $90 million, and after being plagued with setbacks has recently been declared ready for combat. While the plane itself is something to marvel, the helmets its pilots wear are also taking things to the next-generation. Aug 23, 2016

New hoverboard powered by jet turbines can almost hit 100mph

Zapata Racing is the company behind the Flyboard, tethered jet-packs that thrust people 30ft out of the water into the air. The inventor, former jetski racer Franky Zapata, features in a new video from the company on 9 April, in which he shows off their newest creation, the Flyboard Air. Apr 12, 2016