CV Raman Global University
CV Raman Global University

In a world that is slowly waking up to the realization that a higher education degree does not often equal practical knowledge and employability, there is an imminent need to look beyond just theory and exam-based evaluation.

Demographically, India with more than 600 million youth is a goldmine of manpower for its industries today. However, the noticeable skill gap in India is making things less enticing for industries. In India, most industries are plagued by about 75-80 percent skill gap issues. India is staring at 29 million skill-deficit by 2030. This presents a difficulty for companies to maintain growth because the workforce does not have the skills to drive businesses forward.

The onus now is on universities to pick up the gauntlet on bridging the skill divide in youth. This goal can be achieved by making technical courses like engineering, more skill-oriented. For a branch of education that has always been in demand, it is necessary that engineering reinvents itself in pace with advancing technological developments and industry trends. The responsibility of introducing new skill sets into the subject falls on education reformists who look at engineering differently from others.

23 years ago, an edifice was born out of one such man's unique perspective regarding education. Mr. Sanjib Kumar Rout, founder of CV Raman Global University had a vision of imparting quality technical education to the young masses of India. From his reformist ideology, CV Raman Group of Institution took form.

Now an acclaimed Global University, its ideology remains in constantly improving its curriculum and teaching standards. With modernized infrastructure where students can experiment, research, and implement theoretical knowledge and 25 centers of excellence CV Raman Global University recognizes the need for industrial exposure for the students to make them industry-ready. To nurture successful startups CGU has taken the lead role in developing entrepreneurship skills through its incubator foundations.

OSEMS collaboration and the recent Study in India venture of MHRD with the university has led to multi-skill development in students. A strengthened placement cell conducts exclusive training to make students recruitment ready. Students are given wide exposure to utilize their creative skills and their ability to think laterally apart from their academics. The University continues to strive towards new heights of achievements through the noble act of providing quality education to the deserving.

If universities across India start becoming similar skill-driven campuses the education infrastructure of India will be at par with international education establishments eventually.