High-Intensity Kettlebell Workout

This 10-minute kettlebell workout is incredibly challenging and guaranteed to torch some serious calories in a short amount of time. Today in Fast track to Fitness we will see High intensity Kettlebell workout. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production May 13, 2014
Baby toes

Two Faced Baby Born in Australia

An Australian mother has given birth to a rare pair of conjoined twins who share the same body, but have separate brains. May 12, 2014


Spanakopiza Ingredients Pizza Dough Mushroom pesto - 3 tbsp Mozzarella Cheese Minced Garlic Garlic Spinach Cherry Tomato Fried Wontons strips Feta Cheese Subscribe to YouTube - Like us on FACEBOOK - Follow us on TWITTER - A Ventuno Production : May 9, 2014

Healthy Summer Vegetables

In summer, don't just rely on the chilling drinks to beat the heat, you also need to follow certain diet to make sure that you eat healthy. There are many summer vegetables that can be consumed to reduce body heat. In Dieting Right we will see some of them. Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production May 8, 2014

WHO Sounds Polio Scare Alarm, Asks Affected Countries to Carry Vaccination Certificate

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the spread of polio as an "international emergency" and has announced that the reach of the disease is expected to increase over the course of next several months. The WHO officials have advised affected countries to carry vaccination certificate while travelling to other countries. May 6, 2014

Pilates Basic Ab Prep Exercise

This is the first exercise in Pilates; The Basic Ab Prep. Watch for new episodes every Thursday. Do follow us on facebook A Ventuno Production: Apr 30, 2014

How to do a Low Plank

Plank position is a cornerstone of both yoga and Pilates. Plank strengthens the arms and spine and tones the abdomen. In this episode of Fast track to fitness we will see how to do and hold a low plank. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Apr 29, 2014