love and sex
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Valentine's day is just around the corner and some of you could be eagerly waiting to meet your first love. A few of you might also be struggling to adjust to your life after a breakup, while others may just consider it as another day in the life. 

The reason why some people are unhappy in their relationships while others cherish it is related to their love addiction, according to London-based life coach Michelle Zelli.

Zelli has spent several years of her life searching for the right partner before finding her own way of healing. She described herself as "a broken man-picker" and came up with ideas to help other women going through the same situation.

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Here are the seven easy ways to overcome love addiction:

Focus on a healthy relationship: It is one of the most important things to be happy in a relationship. Give time to self and keep your side of the street clean even if your partner becomes messy.

Praise yourself: It is not just enough to think about the things that have made you feel proud of yourself, write it down in your personal diary. You may not be perfect and you really don't need to be, but it is important to acknowledge yourself for a positive impact.

"When you commit pen to paper you're magnifying the impact of the positive focus. Practice daily by acknowledging your shifts, changes and growth," Mail Online quoted Zelli.

Don't ignore unhappy feelings: If you feel angry, sad or anxious for over 20 percent of the time, then you should be alert. Find out the cause of it and seek professional help if required.

Set boundaries and stick to them: You don't need to change yourself to please someone. Pay attention to your inner voice and take responsibility for your actions.

Make yourself feel loved and cherish: No one can take care of you better than yourself. So, accept yourself and make yourself feel known, loved, valued and cherished.

Be honest: Don't ever compromise with anyone or anything unnecessarily. If a person loves you, he or she will accept you as you are. Talk openly, communicate honestly and hear everything from a place of self-respect.

Don't tolerate any kind of abuses: Know your red flags and set boundaries. It is also important to stick to your decisions. "You will become a genius at convincing yourself that their latest misdemeanour was just a 'one off', despite having enough evidence to compile a back catalog Elvis would be proud of," the researcher said.