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If you are looking for a way to lose weight in a healthy way, scientists have come up with a diet plan that would help you out. 

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Though there are many ways to shed weight, scientists say that following a diet comprising vegetable protein would work best. 

Some clinical studies have shown that dieters can shed weight faster by following diets that's low on carb and high on protein as it keeps them fuller for a longer duration.

The high protein plant-based foods include vegetables, legumes and nuts.

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Proteins that come from vegetables fill your stomach better than meat and other animal products, says a study published in the journal Food and Nutrition Research.

The researchers analysed 43 young men who were asked to eat different breakfasts. One of the breakfast consisted of meat patty with potato mash. The other breakfast comprised of the patty made from legumes like lentils along with a mash made from split peas. The third breakfast consisted of a low protein patty with potato mash, a report in Express explained.

It was found that the dieters remained more filled with high protein plant-based patty than meat patty.

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It was also found that the intake of calories was 12 to 13 percent lesser if they had legume burger at lunch.

"It is thought this could be down to the higher amounts of fibre in the legumes. It was found that adding fibre to your diet plan in 2018 will help you lose weight recently," a report by Express quoted.

Apart from this, there are various spices too that can help you in shedding weight, like cinnamon. It helps boost your metabolism and also aids weight loss. Turmeric also works wonder.