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The brain is an important organ of the body which controls all other functions of the body.

You need to maintain your brain health to make sure that the rest of the organs in your body function properly.

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Various foods impact your brain adversely and raise your risk of getting dementia by affecting your mood and memory.

You can maintain your brain's health better by avoiding these 7 foods:

1. Trans fats:

Foods having trans fats are likely to be linked to the risk of Alzheimer's Disease and impaired memory, but the evidence about it is mixed, according to

Food items like snacks, ready-made cakes, margarine, shortening, frosting foods and pre-packaged cookies contain trans fats and hence should be avoided. It is advised that one should keep trans fats out of their diet and include unsaturated fats instead to maintain your brain health.

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2. Sugary beverages:

One should limit consuming sugary drinks; excess intake of drinks like fruit juice, sports drink, cola etc., increases the chances of getting obesity, type 2 diabetes which increases the risk of getting Alzheimer's Disease and affects your brain negatively.

Most of the sugary drinks contain High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which contains 55% fructose and 41% glucose, revealed. HFCS causes impairing memory and brain inflammation and also harms learning. More studies regarding this need to be carried out on humans.

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3. Refined carbs:

Foods like white flour, which is highly processed and sugars, should be avoided. These foods got a high glycemic index (GI), which triggers the sugar levels which also causes a spike in the insulin levels in the body.

Refined carbs which have a high glycemic load (GL) are likely to damage the memory and intelligence, making you more prone to dementia.

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4. Aspartame:

Many beverages and sugar-free products contain an artificial sweetener called Aspartame. Though this artificial sweetener is considered to be safe, it has been associated with cognitive and behavioural problems.

5. Processed foods:

Processed foods like ready-made meals, sweets, instant noodles, chips, microwave popcorn and readymade sauces contain sugar, added fats and salt in abundance. These foods add excess fats around the organs, which is linked to a depletion in brain tissue. Western-style diets are also associated with increased brain inflammation, brain plasticity, blood-brain barrier, it also affects the learning ability and memory adversely.

6. Fish rich in Mercury:

Fish high in mercury should be avoided as they can cause mercury toxicity. This disrupts neurotransmitters, the central nervous system as well as stimulation of neurotoxins which causes brain damage, revealed.

Young kids and developing foetuses can be harmed by mercury as it is a neurotoxic element.

Hence, you should avoid large fishes like swordfish and shark and eat fishes rich in mercury in limited quantities.

7. Alcohol:

Moderate consumption of alcohol is considered to have some good effect on our health but binge drinking can lead to memory loss, disturb your sleep and even lead to changes in one's behaviour. Hence alcohol should not be consumed in excess quantities.