Child rape
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In a shocking incident that has come to light from the UK's Swansea Bay, a 10-year-old boy was reportedly forced to pose for a naked selfie and had to carry out a sex act on his mother.

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The child was even forced to use a sex toy on his mother while posing for a naked selfie with her, according to reports.

The grisly details came out when the case was being heard recently at Swansea Crown Court. 

The sexual acts performed on the child were filmed, while a man repeatedly questioned the boy if he was watching him have sex with his mother as the boy was made to lie on a mattress under their bed, the Swansea Crown Court heard.

The identity of the couple has been kept anonymous, and they have been pleaded guilty to a number of sexual offences, a report by Wales Online revealed.

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The judge hearing the case said sexual assaults the 10-year-old had to go through because of his mother and her partner were "despicable", a report by the Mirror revealed.

The mother admitted to sexual assaults including clicking indecent images of a child, to forcing a child to carry out a sexual act and making a child watch a sexual act.

Her partner has reportedly pleaded guilty to sexual assaults and inciting a child to carry out a sexual act.

They have even pleaded guilty to the joint charge of carrying out sexual activity in the presence of a child.

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The case came to light when an old partner of the man went to the police and reported concerns regarding his attitude towards sex, prosecutor Dean Pulling was quoted by the Mirror as saying.

The woman revealed that the man asked her to dress like a young girl and call him "daddy" while they had sex. She also revealed that he was interested in online incestuous stuff.

Also, obscene videos in which the man was seen talking about having sex with a child were found on the former partner's computer, having been uploaded from the man's phone. The barrister defined it as "at best obscene, and in some cases described as disturbing and perverted".

It was found that the man had an affair with the mom of the 10-year-old while he was in a relationship with his former partner.

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The files were downloaded by the former partner in a memory stick and given to the cops. The police the same day went to the house where the man was living with his new partner and the boy.

Initially, the boy was hesitating to talk about what he had gone through, Pulling was quoted by the Mirror as saying.

The 10-year-old victim opened up about the assault gradually. He revealed that his mother's new partner had touched his penis numerous times and even asked him if he could put it in his mouth, the court heard.

The boy also revealed that his mother had clicked a naked selfie with him one morning before he was going to school and called it their "little secret". She had also carried out a sex act on him and video recorded it on his phone and encouraged him to use a sex toy on her.

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One night the boy was having nightmares so he went to his mother's room, and was made to lie on a blow-up mattress under their bed, he said. His mom and her partner were having sex on the bed and the partner kept asking him if he was watching them and whether he wanted a brother or sister, the boy revealed.

The boy hadn't revealed any of this before as he didn't want to upset his mother, who said that she loved her new beau.

The biological father of the boy stated that all these had a "catastrophic effect" on the 10-year-old, the court heard in a statement.

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The father of the boy also said that the child was quiet and withdrawn, and scared of being left alone if his abusers "came for him again", Mirror reported.

"When he asks why they did it, I have no answer," the father said.

Defined as "serious offenders" by Judge Peter Heywood, the couple has been warned about facing long prison sentences.

"They have both behaved in a despicable manner, and will have to accept the consequences," the judge said.