oral sex,

Women have accidentally found a new way to get orgasms and surprisingly there is no intimacy needed in this technique.

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The revelation was made by anonymous Reddit users who found this bizarre way to pleasure themselves.

In this case, the orgasm is attained by women when they use to loom after holding it for a little while. This is termed as "peegasm", a report by Mirror revealed.

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"So my girlfriend recently told me if she's had to hold her pee in for a while when she actually goes to pee, she often has orgasms that she feels all the way up her spine to her head.

"If she does 'reverse kegels' while peeing, they're even more likely to happen?" a Reddit user commented on the website.

After this comment, many women came forward to share that they have experienced it too and most of them get the feeling without trying to get it.

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"I don't try for them often, they mostly come by accident, but a beautiful accident at that," stated one of the netizens.

"Yes! Get this a lot usually by accident," another woman commented.

It was further revealed that this kind of orgasm is different from the orgasm they get while they get intimate with their partners.

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One of the Redditor revealed peegasm is more of a "tingly sensation".

"It's not exactly an orgasm, just a really, really pleasurable feeling," commented another user.

Some more anonymous ladies revealed their bizarre little secret about "peegasming" by revealing how they make this experience stronger: "I can do it by letting go for a split second and holding it in. Then, when I finally do go pee, I get these delicious full body shivers," the Reddit user revealed.

"The reverse kegels make it feel even better," stated another anonymous poster.