Betty White,
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You will be shocked to know how the popular comedian and actress Betty White, who just turned 96, maintains good health.

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Betty follows what is described as a 'bad diet' that includes fast food like fries and hotdogs and drinks moderately and still maintains good health.

She prefers happy eating and drinking over healthy eating and drinking non-alcoholic beverages.

You will be shocked to know what rules Betty follows when it comes to diet. 

According to the American Heart Association, people who skip breakfast are at 27 percent risk of getting heart ailments and are also prone to obesity.

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The Golden Girls star, on the other hand, stated in a 2014 Harper's Bazaar article that she was not a big breakfast eater. 

She has not suffered any heart attack or other cardiovascular issues so far.

When it comes to drinking, doctors say that it's alright for women to have a glass of red wine daily. But, Betty opts for vodka. She told Harper's Bazaar that she drinks moderately.

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Researchers who study longevity analyse the traits and habits followed by centenarians. Places such as Okinawa, Japan, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and Loma Linda in California, which are described as blue zones as the number of very old people living there are high.

The common factors found among these people are -- drinking moderately, taking less stress and staying social and active.

Betty too does the same, she stays active, works for good causes like supporting animal non-profit organisations and stays positive.

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"I know it sounds corny, but I try to see the funny side and the upside, not the downside. I get bored with people who complain about this or that, it's such a waste of time," she told Parade.

Source: Daily Mail.