Fascinating dogs catching treats images by photographer Christian Vieler

A photographer who is taking the internet by storm with photos of dogs catching treats has revealed the story behind his prized photos. Christian Vieler, 46, from Waltrop in Germany started taking photos of dogs in 2011 as a way to experiment with shutter speeds.Watch the video to see some of Vielers most popular images of dogs. The pups may not always look their best but they are still absolutely adorable. Oct 2, 2016

Dogs take to the waves for annual surfing competition

Canines from around the world descended on Huntington Beach, California, for the 8th annual Surf City Surf Dog competition. Dogs were classed into four weight categories and judged on skills, length of their ride and confidence on the board as they braved the unusually high surf. Brazilian Labrador Bono, who traveled in from Rio de Janeiro, walked away with this years Shredder prize. Sep 26, 2016

Safety-first cat uses zebra crossing in Dartford

A streetwise cat managed to successfully use a zebra crossing in Dartford on 4 September, carefully waiting for cars to come to a stop before crossing St Vincents road. The dash cam footage was captured by Justin Scrutton, who gave the mog a round of applause and chuckled to himself as the feline went across. Sep 8, 2016

Massive 14ft cattle-eating crocodile caught by Australian police

Australian police captured a 4.33m crocodile after it was taking cattle in the Northern Territory. Police and rangers trapped the crocodile in a waterhole and then snared its jaw shut. The huge monster will be assessed at a local farm to see whether it is suitable to be a part of a breeding program. Sep 1, 2016