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The Pentagon — the headquarters of the United States Department of Defence — made revelations about funding their secret UFO-hunting programme for five years. The authority claims shutting the programme down in 2012.

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US military service members had revealed mysterious sightings that took place while they were on duty at the Pentagon, after which officials analysed these occurrences.

The US Defence Department had claimed that the secret programme ended in 2012 due to funding issues, but the New York Times has apparently revealed that the analysis is still going on.

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YouTube/ secureteam10

With new UFO footage released over the past few days, Tyler Glockner from the YouTube channel secureteam10 has claimed that the government not only tracked the mysterious craft and filmed them, but also collected pieces of some of these mysterious UFOs and found that they know nothing about the properties of these material as they don't belong to Earth.

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The Pentagon unveiled that they collected the metal alloys from UFOs which the scientists couldn't recognise, according to the aforementioned NYT report.

The US Department of Defence (DOD) apparently has no idea about what this compound is made up of. The Pentagon refused to comment on this unknown compound when mainstream media approached its officials to question about the same, Glockner said.

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The DOD researchers had even examined individuals who claimed to get physically affected after their encounters with the unidentified flying objects, he claimed.

These metal alloys from UFOs are kept hidden somewhere in a store house in Las Vegas in modified facilities, said the NYT report.

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"The materials belonging to the UFOs has been stored and studied in Las Vegas, just a few hours away from Area 51," a heavy.com report said.


YouTube/ secureteam10