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There are lot of omissions in the sex education we are provided now. Various topics just go untouched and we remain naive about them.

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Talking about body parts like vagina, nothing much is talked about it and the students don't really raise any questions regarding topics like squirting, etc.

Zoe Mendelson, Jackie Jahn and artist Maria Conejo have come up with a website called 'Pussypedia'. The website is bilingual and comprises of free accessible data about vagina which are accurate and thoroughly checked.

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"The project started a year ago. I was googling whether or not all women can squirt. I realised most of the information about vagina on the internet is terrible quality information, and that the good stuff that I could find which was in medical journals was inaccessible for a lot of reasons. That seemed wrong to me," said Zoe as quoted by metro.co.uk.

Zoe then joined hands with Jackie, PhD student with expertise in health and Maria, who is an artist and illustrator to come up with a way to provide more data about vagina. Apart from providing expert information, the website Pussypedia even provides a model of vagina which is in 3D so people could explore it better.

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Apart from educating people about vagina, the website also aims at terminating the shame and embarrassment that prevails in asking questions about vagina.

"It is absurd how much shame still exists around vagina. Shame disrupts sexual pleasure. That's an injustice. We hope to change the tone of the conversation to something frank and joyful!" Zoe said.

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Pussypedia would provide in-depth data about vagina, which would not limit itself to only sex. This will be a great platform for everyone to get the much needed education about vagina in a proper way.

"For people that do receive accurate information related to safe sex/STI and pregnancy prevention, and not an abstinence-only sex ed, the way it's taught is still around sex as a danger and not enjoyable thing for women,' said Jackie.

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"In my sex ed experience, I think I received minimal information about pussy hygiene and pleasure; STI prevention for queer and poly people; or any encouragement to understand and love my own body. I remember very little from sex ed because the experience was overwhelmingly shame-inducing and that was pretty distracting. In general, so much of the focus in sex ed is about pregnancy prevention, which is REALLY IMPORTANT, but I want Pussypedia to talk about these other topics that aren't discussed as openly."