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Hiding love bites is one of the biggest concerns people usually have. You can use the old school way by hiding the hickey mark by wearing a turtleneck or probably applying cosmetics like concealer or foundation.

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Here are some tips to hide hickeys:

Consume Vitamin K rich diet

If you had a wild and intense session with your partner and ended up having love bites, you should include Vitamin K in your diet to recover from it faster. It helps in stop bleeding by clotting the blood or coagulating the blood. The vitamin helps in thickening the blood which avoids bleeding from the capillaries, which are hair-like.

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The vitamin is found in kale, avocado, broccoli and blueberries. You can even have Vitamin K supplements to enhance your health and thicken your blood. It helps in lowering inflammation and curing the swollen marks better.

If you are low on Vitamin K, it will take time for the blood to clot and the love bite is likely to get worse.

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Use cold compress to heal your hickeys, doing so will shrink your blood vessels and help in slowing down the blood flow in the region, aiding in healing the love bite better.

Cold compress will be more effective if used earlier. Don't use toothpaste or a coin to rub the bruised region as it can make the hickey spread further and turn darker, making it worse.

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Aloe vera aids in healing it faster

Aloe vera contains enzymes known as bradykinase, which helps in keeping inflammation at bay and reducing the redness of the love bite.

Applying some aloe gel helps soothe the bruised area faster and even cools it down, aiding faster healing.