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A group of vegan women has claimed that periods are simply a sign of toxic and unhealthy lifestyle. These women say that they got rid of their menstrual cycle by following a particular lifestyle and are extremely contented with it.

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As per cookbook author Markus Rothkranz, if the period of a woman stops when she is following a raw foods diet, it signifies that her body is clean.

"A healthy women doesn't need her period in order to be healthy and fertile. Markus describes menstruation as your body "doing dishes" or "cleaning up". If there is nothing to clean, there's no reason to menstruate. And since a raw food diet is clean, your period naturally becomes lighter and/or disappears altogether. Your hormones will learn to balance themselves, as raw living foods are great for balancing hormones," as quoted by

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Miliany Bonet, an ambitious 19-year-old popular, raw vegan teen blogger, author and entrepreneur, who follows a plant-based lifestyle posted that menstruating is a sign pointing towards the body being highly toxic.


Another vegan blogger named Freelee the Banana Girl agrees with what was said by Rothkranz and Bonet, that menstruation is nothing but toxicity getting flushed out of the body.

"I still believe that, largely, menstruation is toxicity leaving the body," Freelee said.

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"So, a lot of people are having these heavy and painful periods because they have a toxic body or have a toxic diet."

Health experts contradict what has been stated by these vegan bloggers and authors and they disagree with their claim that menstruation is caused because of a toxic body or diet. The health experts state that periods are not any kind of disease or toxic, they are completely normal.

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Women's body gets rid of the uterine lining which the body creates in expectation of getting pregnant. Missing periods should be considered unhealthy instead.

They said that missing periods when not expecting could be because of  stress, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD),  medicines, weight changes or a drastic diet.

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Your diet and lifestyle play a crucial role in your menstrual cycle. The vegans might have stopped menstruating as the lifestyle they follow impacted their BMIs and dropped it below healthy. Due to this reason their bodies stop ovulating to prevent them from conceiving because of weakness.