The festive season is around the corner and many of us are going to get tipsy ending up with a bad hangover. Though coffee is considered to be a good alternative to curb a hangover, there are various other refreshing beverages that you can consume to tackle the issue.

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Hannah Richards, a nutritionist, stated that drinking grapefruit juice after having an Ibuprofen can help you to get rid of alcohol hangover.

According to Richards, having grapefruit juice can help in recovering from the hangover faster if you have it after having an Ibuprofen. She revealed that the stomach is already very sensitive due to excess alcohol consumption and consuming Aspirin can lead to stomach upset.

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"Research has already shown that going on the lash can hinder the liver's ability to break down paracetamol," Richards told the Mirror.

Consuming grapefruit juice results in limiting the activity of the enzyme which breaks down drugs and Ibuprofen is known to be more effective.

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Having a refreshing cold tangy beverage can do wonders when you are hungover. It helps in making you feel better by relieving you and providing your body with the much-needed hydration.

Here are some other ways to get over drunkenness:


Drinking water and soft drinks in between drinking alcohol can help in preventing hangovers. Also, when you suffer from the ugly headaches and weakness just drink water and hydrate yourself, this too will prevent the hangover from lasting for too long.

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Have a healthy and heavy breakfast to shoo hangovers, as low blood sugar can lead to weakness, fatigue and nausea.

Drink next morning

It may sound weird, but having a drink next morning can help in curbing hangover. It prevents the conversion of methanol to formaldehyde, which can help in reducing some hangover symptoms, healthline.com revealed.

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Take a good nap

One of the best ways to deplete the symptoms of a hangover is by having a good sleep. It will keep your body relaxed and reduce the chances of suffering from severe headaches, irritation and fatigue.