A night of partying and drinking might be fun, but this merriment lasts only when one knows where to stop. Binge drinking never did anyone any good and what's worse is the hangover that follows. 

Here are a few tips on how to avoid a hangover and also deal with them.

1.Water is the hangover controlling magic potion 

Long drinking sessions mostly lead to a hangover. In order to avoid that one just needs to make sure to consume enough water or soft drinks, preferably between every one or two drinks. Doing so will keep the body hydrated enough and curb the chances of getting a hangover to a large extent.

2. Add health quotient to your drinking session

Don't forget to munch on some snacks while drinking, like dry fruits such as cashews and pistachios. You can also have salads, as they often go well with cocktails. Doing this will reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. 

3. Alcohol affects women more than men

Did you know that if women and men drink equal quantities of alcohol, it is likely to affect women more than men? A man's body consists of more water than a woman's body and hence the alcohol is easily diluted in a man's body. As for women, the alcohol builds up in their blood stream and that is why women are more prone to get hungover. 

4. Excess wine consumption harms your health

Wines are undoubtedly healthy if a glass of it is consumed while dining. But downing an entire bottle of it or two is not the best idea as they cause one of the worst hangovers. Munching on cheese, bread, green olives or dark chocolate along with wine helps in preventing hangovers.

5. Avoid having different drinks at the same time

Make sure you don't mix all sorts of alcohol as it raises the chances of getting you extremely high, which in turn might lead to nausea and even leave you unconscious. Stick to just one type of drink and sip water in between to remain sober.

6. Medicines more beneficiary post sleep 

In case you consume medicine to curb headaches during hangover, make sure you have it after you wake up as the pill shows its effect for around 4 hours. Also, make sure you know the side effects of the medicines. 

7. Eat enough after drinking                                                                                                                             

Make sure you have a good meal after drinking, which can consist of noodles, clear soups, breads, etc. In short, avoid greasy foods and switch to high-carb foods as they are easier to digest. Avoid coffee as it dehydrates your body further. Have more water and herbal teas instead.

You can always have some salt or salted water to lower the effect of alcohol. Having orange juice, bananas etc., after waking up is a good way to combat hangover.