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A baby boy was born with two penises in an extremely rare case of deformity. One of the penises of the baby was on his back. The incident was reported from Azerbaijan's Baku. The doctors say that the second penis was all that was left of a parasitic twin who failed to develop.

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Even though the baby is healthy and already at home, like any other regular newborn, his parents and doctors have informed that they were completely unaware of the condition up until he was born.

The attending doctors and medics also expressed their concern over the rare occurrence, with one, known as Netizen 'Kam' saying: 'Wishing the baby a good health.' But 'AYU-Skromniy medved' said: "How is it possible that this is all what is left from the second baby?!"

Doctors have called the condition "terrifying" as reported by the Daily Mail and the surgery to successfully remove the parasitic penis was carried out at the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics in Baku.

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The head of the institute's neonatology department, Gunduz Agayev, confirmed that "the baby has a normal sexual organ where it is supposed to be. The penis on the back is a parasite, which has been surgically removed."

As explained by Live Science, these parasitic twins occur when identical twins fail to separate and the undeveloped twin's tissues become dependent upon the 'host'.

Even though it is largely unclear why this occurs, restricted blood supply during pregnancy often leads to the death and partial absorption of one of the twins. The condition occurs in around one in a million live births.

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Agayev also mentioned that the undeveloped twin had attached itself to the boy inside the womb. He explained saying: "Practically all there was left from him was a penis that got attached to the brother's back inside the womb."

Fortunately, the newborn baby's back wasn't extremely affected by the surgery for the extra penis' removal, as assured by the doctors.

To protect the baby and the family's privacy, no personal information was shared, except the amount of shock that the parents went through upon discovering the condition.