Online classes during the pandemic

41% of teenagers can't tell the difference between true and fake online health messages

A new study has found that teenagers have a hard time discerning between fake and true health messages. Only 48% of the participants trusted accurate health messages (without editorial elements) more than fake ones. Meanwhile, 41% considered fake and true neutral messages equally trustworthy and 11% considered true neutral health messages less trustworthy than fake health messages. The results highlight a need for better training of teenagers to navigate a world where fake health news is so widespread. Aug 29, 2022

FB to push down all posts from users who share misinformation

Facebook has declared that people who spread disinformation and fake materials on its platforms will have their postings pushed down. The new regulation relates to incorrect or misleading news on Covid-19 and vaccinations, climate change, elections, and other topics. May 27, 2021