Pakistan favoring separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani passed away at his Hyderpora residence in Srinagar on Wednesday. The senior secessionist leader breathed his last at his Hyderpora residence at 10:35 p.m.

His passing has triggered a wave of disinformation sponsored by Pakistan's ISI with an aim to disrupt peace in the valley.

The claim

A viral letter claiming to be the "plans" of SAS Geelani's last rites is going viral on social media. One ISI man who is known for peddling lies for Pakistan in Kashmir has shared a letter. The fake and old letter expects the people of Kashmir to take part in the funeral procession of the Hurriyat leader and provides a route plan.

Fact-Check: How Pakistan's ISI used Syed Ali Geelani even after his death [exposed]

In the letter, the route plan for people to attend the last rites of Geelani are mentioned, which covers Central Kashmir, Ganderbal, Budgam, North Kashmir, South Kashmir, Pir Panchal, Chenab Valley, Jammu and Ladakh. As per the claims made in the letter, the "namaz-e-janaza" or the funeral prayer is to be held in open ground.

Additionally, many other accounts are also claiming that journalists are not being allowed to cover the last rites of Geelani.

Fact check

In view of SAS Geelani's death, the ISI-sponsored factions have started actively spreading disinformation on social media. International Business Times has reviewed these claims and found them baseless and false. Here's a detailed report of the claims made by these nefarious Twitter handles peddled.

Fact-Check: How Pakistan's ISI used Syed Ali Geelani even after his death [exposed]

IBTimes had in the recent past busted the ISI man's nefarious disinformation designs and exposed his lies. As for the letter shared by one Muzammil Ayyub Thakur, who is a UK citizen living in London and claims to be an expert on Kashmir and its matters, is dated February 12, 2020. Someone forgot reminding them that it's 2021 already. And Geelani was alive in 2020. So that pokes holes in their first social post and claims.

Pakistan's disinformation section is active in full swing and many Pakistanis posing as Kashmiris are busy spreading lies. Here's one example:

Fact-Check: How Pakistan's ISI used Syed Ali Geelani even after his death [exposed]

It is clear by the text in the above tweets that these are templates picked out of the ISI-peddled toolkit to spread disinformation. These tweets by ISI-sponsored Pakistani nationals are proof that they won't even spare a dead Geelani and milk his death for their petty politicking. These people sitting and tweeting from Pakistan claim that media was not allowed near Geelani's house. Unfortunately for them, we found many media persons outside his residence.

In this context, the IGP Kashmir Police Vijay Kumar is clearly seen in the video talking to local journalists and has stated that restrictions have been imposed in the valley and only the relatives of Geelani would be allowed to visit the family. Restrictions, including suspension of internet services, have been imposed in Kashmir Valley.

Security has also been strengthened outside Geelani's house in Hyderpora.

Given the 2020 letter, it is also clear how ISI-sponsored people on social media have been waiting for Geelani's passing since Feb 2020 especially.

Based on these facts, IBTimes has arrived at the conclusion that all the claims made about the plan to converge for Geelani's last rites and reports of journalists not being allowed to cover the last rites of Geelani are peddled with malicious intent — hence fake.

Claim reviewed :

Syed Ali Shah Geelani is dead but propaganda by ISI using his name is not

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