Sony Pulls Blatantly Sexy Playstation Ad [VIDEO]

Sony Pulls Blatantly Sexy PlayStation Ad [VIDEO]

Sony quickly and very quietly pulled a PlayStation ad from its European YouTube Channel, mostly because of its more obvious resemblance to sexual connotations than to a piece of hardware. Nov 27, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 4G-LTE model with Snapdragon 801 CPU to Debut in India Soon

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date: What We Know So Far about Galaxy S5 Successor

Samsung Electronics is tight-lipped on the release date and specifications of its upcoming flagship smartphone dubbed as the Galaxy S6 and it is very likely to keep the secrecy till the device is officially launched, but interestingly, major features of the product have been leaked over the last few weeks. Not much is known about the Galaxy S6 but if one is to go by the recent reports, it may have significant change over its predecessor, the Galaxy S5. Nov 26, 2014